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Friday, January 14, 2011

Bold Jokes - Adult Jokes

Mr. Ali had 3 sons named – Rahmat Ali, Barkat Ali & Mehboob Ali.

When 4th &5th was born then Ali’s wife decided to name them – Matkar Ali & Baskar Ali.


Why Women not have a PENIS?

Ans: B’coz that comes together with the Brain.


The Englishman says,” I’ve got ten children, one more and I will have a football Team”.

The American says, “I have got fourteen children, one more and I will have a rugby Team”.

The Arabian says’ “I have got seventeen wives, one more and I will have a GOLF Course”.


Friends are like underwear –always a comfort.

Good friends are like condom – always protective.

Great friends are like Viagra – lift you up when you are down.

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