Tuesday, June 20, 2006

IT industry symptoms..

If you have been in IT industry too long these are your symptoms:

1.) U use phrases like No issues and Value addition in everyday parlance. For e.g. When talking about your doodhwalla, U say, His milk does zero value addition to my health but he is the only guy around so no issues

2.) Ur prime source of entertainment is the forwards send to U by friends whose faces U cant remember.

3.) U drink more tea or coffee than water.

4.) U keep trying to shut down ur home computer by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del (used to lock office comps)

5.) When ur mobile rings at home, U rush outside to receive the call.

6.) When U make calls at home, U accidentally dial 0 to get an outside line.

7.) U haven t played Solitaire with real cards in years.

8.) Ur last crush was a girl in HR, ur current crush is the new girl in HR and all ur crushes in the future will be girls in HR.

9.) U spend the entire day reading forwards, smoking cigarettes, drinking tea/coffee and playing T.T. and then complain about the late working hours.

10.) Ur important meetings usually comprise two or three people max, including yourself.

11) U secretly prepare for CAT only to find ur PL sitting behind you at the exam.

13.) U keep pressing Ctrl+Enter wondering why your gmail is not going.

14.) U email ur mate who works at the desk next to U

15.) As U read this list, U r thinking of sending it to ur friends who are also in IT.

16.)U r too busy to notice there was no line no. 12

17.)U r not sure so u scroll back check it .

18.)And now u r smiling!!!!


Anonymous said...


all applicable to me..

n liked the last 3

Rakesh said...


all applicable to me..

n liked the last 3

sorry 4 that anonymous Comment . delete it