Thursday, October 08, 2009



1. An act of kissing puts 29 facial muscles in motion. In other words, kissing can be used as an
effective exercise to prevent the development of wrinkles.

2. Lovers swap saliva containing various substances e.g. fats, mineral salts, proteins while kissing.

According to latest studies, the exchange of the above substances can give a boost to the
production of antibodies which are made specifically to deal with the antigens associated with
different diseases as they are encountered.

3. As a rule, 66 percent of people keep their eyes closed while kissing. The rest take pleasure in
watching the emotions run the gamut on the faces of their partners.

4. According to U.S. statistics, an American woman would kiss an average of 80 men before she
gets married.

5. A quick romantic kiss will burn about 2-3 calories, whereas French kiss (an openmouthed kiss
with tongue contact) will obliterate more than 5 calories.

6. Sensitivity of the lips is 200 times higher than that of the fingers.

7. It is thought that men who kiss their wives goodbye before going to work live five years longer
than those who just slam the door. Men of the latter category are said to be more prone to
traffic accidents.

8. Smooching passionately for 90 seconds will elevate blood pressure and cause the pulse rate
to go racing. It will also increase the level of hormones in the blood, thus reducing life by one

9. French kiss is called a “juncture of souls” in France . Not only the lips do the job, the tongues
come into play too. The passionate French invented another variety of the soul kiss in which
only the tongues are employed.

10. Contrary to a popular belief, the Eskimos do not merely rub their noses against each other in
a display of love and affection. The lips open up a bit once the olfactory organs of the kissing
partners meet. Then the Eskimos take a deep breath and send the air out while holding their

lips closed. After savoring the scent of each other, the partners press noses against each
other’s cheeks and freeze for a minute of two.