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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Friendship SMS -2

[ 25. ]

If i get ur Smile, I dont need Flowers,If i get ur Voice, I dont need Music,
If u speack to me, I dont need anybody else,U just b my Friend, I dont need
the world!

[ 26. ]

MY FRIEND should be... My madicine when i'm in pain, MY letter when i'm Far,
My smile whan i'm sad, My handkerchef when i cry, My life when i die!

[ 27. ]

Ur words r ANTIBIOTICS, Ur smile is ANALOGESIC, Ur touch is ANTI-INFLAMTORY,
Ur presence is ANTISEPTIC, Ur SMS is ANTI-PYRETIC.. that's why i never fall

[ 28. ]

When ur alone, When ur crying, When ur upset, Don't think of me!! just call me
coz incoming is free for me.. my friend!!

[ 29. ]

I can t find a reason why God gave U to me, but that is not the question to
b asked; May b the question is how did God knew that I needed a friend like

[ 30. ]

Feeling is a painting,never spoil it.Face is a book, try to read it.Love is
precious,never lose it And frndship is a mirror, never break it..

[ 31. ]

I sent my cares 2 the wind and ask the wind 2 pass them 2 u,when u feel the
wind blowing against ur face thats me saying take care of urself..

[ 32. ]

Whenever I see your smiling face I have to smile myself, because I like you,
you're my friend!!!

[ 33. ]

If one day you feel like crying, call me. I can't promise to make you laugh, but
I'm willing to cry with you

[ 34. ]

I thank God I'm rich not with money but with people like you. I may not have
the most expensive things but I've got a most precious gem. a friend like you.

[ 35. ]


[ 36. ]

i could send a million heart warming notes of friendshipbut sometimes they are
too long when all i need to say is simple THANKS FOR BEING MY FRIEND.

[ 37. ]

Life is a garden,good friends are the flowers and the time spent togeather are
life`s happiest hours

[ 38. ]

Hi, there.... Perhaps that You Plus Me Equal to FRienDshiP Do drop an equation
if i am correct in maths ;)

[ 39. ]

One day Friendship and Love met. Love asked why do you exists when I am here,
friendship ans I am here to leave smile where u leave tears.

[ 40. ]

Hold 10 Roses in Ur Hands & Stand Opposite to the Mirror,

U'll see 11 Roses & among them, the most Beautiful Rose in the World is
U my dear friend....

[ 41. ]

when u r sad.........i will try ur tears

when u r scared.........i will confort ur fears

when u r worried........i will give u hope

when u r confused.......i will give u cope

and when u r lost.......and cant see the light

i shall be ur beacon.....shining ever so bright

this is my oath........i pledge tillthe end

why u may ask?........because u r my friend

[ 42. ]

Some friends r worth 2b thrown, Some r good 2 keep, Some r 2b treasured 4 ever,
and i think ur one 2 b kept 4 ever.

[ 43. ]

There r many stars but the Moon is u. There r many friends but the Sweet one
is u. To forget me is now up t@ u. To forget u is something i will never ever

[ 44. ]

A good friend is like a computer, Enter your life ,'Save' u in their heart,
'format' ur problam 'shift' u to opportunities & never 'delete' u from 'memory'!

[ 45. ]

The recipe of friendship:, 1 cup of sharing.. 2 cups of caring.. 3 cups of forgiveness
&hugs.. mixx all these together to make friends 4 ever..

[ 46. ]

Have a "HEART" that never breaks, Have a"SMILE" that never
fades, HAve a touch that never Hurt$, Have a "FRIENDSHIP" that naver
ends , Like Ours!

[ 47. ]

Friendship is a little more trust, a little more laugh, a little less cry, a
little more luv, a little less fight a little more "WE" & a little
Less "I"!

[ 48. ]

With my 1 heart.. 2 eyes.. 5 litter blood...206 bones.. 1.2 million red cells..
60 trillion D.N.A.'s.. I wish u "very GOOD DAY"...!

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