Thursday, August 03, 2006


No matter the differences,

If we still can understand each other

That is the key to a beautiful

And a long lasting friendship...

When the world drives a wedge between us

When circumstances makes us fight

If we can't pull the trigger , hurt each other

You know you are good friends

When you are happy or when you are sad

If it is him/her you run and part

If he/she can give the meaning to your life

They are your real friends...

People may come people may go

No one makes an impact in your life

When a person comes even in your dreams

You know you got a good friend.

No matter what others say

No matter where fate takes us

If we can still keep in touch

This is our special day

No matter how much you hate

No matter how much you ignore

If he/she still make you feel warm

Celebrate everyday as "Friendship Day"

Well the world says friendship day is some day,

But as long as you keep in touch with me,

I can celebrate friendship Day, everyday...

Wishing You a Happy Friendship Week!!!

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