Friday, September 22, 2006

Sardar STRIKES again.....Enjoy

Sardarji selected a short girl to marry... Why?

Because someone told him the that the trouble should be as

less as possible.


Sardarji tied a dog upside down ,ie, by his tail to a tree

branch and was praying religiously below it.....why?

B'cos DOG ko ulta karo to GOD hota hai!


A sardar had always been worried that why he has one brother

while his sister has two?????


A sardar selling parachute, jump from plane n press button & you

can land safely.

CUSTOMER: if it doesn't open????



A sardar is walking along the road. He sees a banana peel. What

does he think??

--"HAT, Aj phir girna padega!!"

Then next day he is walking along the road, he sees two banana

peels. What does he think????????

--"Ispe giru, ya uspe????"

Then the day after that he sees a lot of banana peels on the

road. So he calls home and tells his wife..

--"Aj ghar late aaoonga!!"


Bush: Impossible does not come in my dictionary...

Sardar: Phir dictionary dhek ke kharidni chahiye thi na


ekbar light gai hui thi..

SANTA : arre Banta bahuat garmi ho rahi hai, zara pankha


BANTA : kardi na sardaronwali baat!! pankha lagaya to

moombatti bujh na jayegi??


Customer: Is mirror ki guarantee kya hai?

Sardar : It is 99% safe.! 100 feet se fenkoge to 99 feet tak

kuchh nahi hoga"!.

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